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SweetMollyGrace 1.3



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SweetMollyGrace is a suite of freeware and shareware tools for automating work of rendering and animating molecules.
* Imports molecules in PDB, MOL XYZ format.
* Generates high quality images in raytracing (Povray and Raster3D).
* Imports and manages POV (and VRML) files generated by "ViewerLite 5.0",
   MOLMOL, Molda, Cuemol, DeepView e BALLView (not included).
* Makes AVI, MPEG, GIF, MOV and FLIC animations.
* Makes pdb trajectory files YAPView (not included) can convert to animation
* Generates and views 3D files in different formats: VRML, DXF, 3DS, OBJ etc
* Makes and views Postscript (PS) images.

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