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Static and animated Captcha



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Static Captcha - Options

Random Character Color Random Character Size
Random Character Rotation. Max angle degree
Random Font Random Background color fade
Multicolor Background Character Staggering
Horizontal Character distortion Character vertical distortion
Square Noise Linear Noise
Granular Noise Image Height

Animated Captcha - Options
OCR softwares can never see complete sum.

Select animation mode: 1. Pulsing 2. Rolling 3. Sliding

To try effects on 2 captchas, select options and

CAPTCHA - A captcha is a test used to distinguish a human from a computer (machine). The user is asked to recognize a distorted text to prevent automated spamming. The goal is to generate and grade tests that most humans can pass, but current computer programs can't pass. In Zip file you can find 2 PHP script. The first creates a static JPEG image with easily and fully customizable features, as you can see in this page. The second is able to create an animated gif showing a sum, always partially visible. Here you can find 3 working examples (Guestbook, Shoutbox, Form mailer).


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